Ela Rose Studios... it's beginnings

Ela Rose Studios is a joint venture of a number of partners with vision and creative vision headed by the Managing and Creative director Emilio Ricciuti.

Emilio brings with him his creative world of imagination inspired by his travels experiencing the diverse wonders of the world from countries, culture, amazing creations and visions.

With a family of musicians, Emilio was always involved in creating scenes in his mind inspired by music that surrounded him growing up as a child and it was from here he decided to one day share his 'world of wonder', where he could share his joy with so many others around him, but as child he was not sure how that would look like.

He drew his vision and decided that this drawing would be what he would focus on as his purpose to make his 'world of wonder' a reality.

20 years later in 2017, the drawing became a reality. One day he approached a building in Fairfield. After chasing numerous similar buildings over the number of years without any luck, he decided to take the plunge and persue this Fairfield property with such reservations as he thought this was beyond his means, from a rationale perspective.

The true story of how Ela Rose Studios was created is truely amazing. It takes persistence, self belief, a never give up attitude, hard work and to always believe in your vision no matter what set backs are thrown at you and be grateful in what you have..here is the rest of the story..

Little did Emilio know, this Fairfield property was owned by a gentleman whose family was born in the same town as Emilio's father and grandparents in the small village of Abruzzo in Italy and in fact from the same mountain village of St.Eufemia. As soon as the owner of the building became aware of this, the amazing story unfolded... The property owner engaged with Emilio and stated that Emilio's fathers family looked after the gentleman's family after world war 2, as the war had destroyed the gentlemans family home and land in St.Eufemia Italy and so Emilios grandparents took them in and looked after the gentlemans family with shelter, work and food and after so many generations, the gentlemans family never forgot the favour that Emilio's grandparents gave and so the fortune had turned and the property in Fairfield is now Ela Rose Studios

The motto of the story is true...what goes around will come around in the most unexpected way.

I am forever grateful of trusting my instinct and my family and more so the wonderful way the world operates if you only believe and love as much as you can.

What is Ela Rose Studios

Ela Rose Studios, is a unique themed-event warehouse comprising of 4 amazing spaces with each space displaying individual flare.

Both large and intimate spaces available - created to allow flexibility with use.

Located in the quiet and leafy suburb of Fairfield, with a bus stop literally in front of the facility or take a short 10 minute walk to Station Street shops, buzzing with great cheap eats options and cafes.

We believe a professional, interactive and creative environment is the key to success for any event or business venture.

The Venue provides access via a 4 metre high x 3.4 metre wide industrial roller door into the warehouse spaces.

The Venue is also wheelchair-accessible, with both ample free street parking and also an onsite car park.

Head Office & Studio Located at 20 Chingford St, Fairfield, Victoria (within 7km CBD).

Facility also used as a "team building dance stop" for many 'Amazing Race' and team building tours.

How to get there

Easily Accessible by bus routes
508 (Alphington - Moonee Ponds via Northcote & Brunswick)
609 (Hawthorn to Fairfield via Kew)
Short walk to Fairfield Train Station.

Located minutes from Northcote, Kew, Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Preston, Chandler Hwy exit (Eastern FWY)

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