VIVA with Emilio

A Celebration of Culture & Dance from around the World!

Emilio shares his stories after traveling the world experiencing culture and dance from all corners of the planet in an educative, interactive and fun filled program. Experience the real life stories & history of cultural dance from Argentina (Tango), Brazil (Samba), Cuba (Salsa), Dominican Republic (Merengue), Italy (Tarantella), Greece (Zorba), Spain (Flamenco) & much more

Choose 1 style or a number of styles in one session, or book a series of sessions in a day, week or term - let us help guide you!


The Multicural dance program for schools is available throughout the year

Duration - 50 minutes - can be modified to suit

Year Level - Prep to year 12

Platforms - Comedy, Exhibition, Dance, Workshop

Please contact the team at for details and references


A fun and educational portrayal of a journey through Dance from around the world including Spain, South America (including Brazil & Argentina), Cuba, Central America, Italy, Greece & much more! An interactive presentation with a colourful array of instruments, dance, costumes & culture as we explore the various dance styles that are celebrated from numerous cultures.

Emilio shares his story backpacking around the world through the poverty stricken streets and spending time with the street kids. An example was when traveling around the streets of poverty in the outer eastern coast of Brazil, a crowd had gathered, where a 7 year old girl demonstrated the essence of soul and passion of street dance rhythm, that brought reality and the emotional core of dance interpretation to the surface for all to witness

A Multicultural Dance show for Schools like no other!

About the Show

The Cultural Dance show for Schools comes with 2 options

Option 1 - One facilitator (50-60 minutes includes Q&A time). Can be modified to suit. Performance space is flexible, please contact.

Option 2 - Two performers - This involves Dance demonstrations, followed by a fun & interactive workshop with the students

Both options come with an energising workshop package which allows students to witness and participate in cultural education including fun Dance practices from upto 7 different regions including their history. Select one dance style or multiple per session. Or choose many sessions over a day, week or term. We can help guide you, please contact us

Our Instructor is not only a Latin Dance Champion, but has travelled the world learning about dance and culture. Dance workshop can include; Tango, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata, Zouk, Flamenco, Samba, Lambada, Merengue, Tarantella, Zorba & much more!

Show Details

Availability - Throughout the Year

Year Level - Prep - Year 12

Curriculum Areas - The Arts - Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, English, History, Languages, Health And Physical Education

Platforms - Comedy, Exhibition, Dance, Workshop

Themes - Intercultural, Multi-Culturalism, Cultural Dance, World Dance, Europe, Italian Dance, Greek Dance, Participation, Interactive, Latin America, Educational, Dance, Latin Dancing, Spanish Dancing, Harmony Day, Cultural Diversity Week.

Pricing - Please contact for pricing

Other - All AV equipment is provided. The show encourages active participation and engagement using various interactive activities Details of the program can be forwarded prior to the performance A great addition to Cultural Diversity week, Harmony Day or any other world or multicultural event.

A great addition to Cultural Diversity week, Harmony Day or any other world or multicultural event.


"Emilio has a fantastic rapport with all students he has taught here at Shelford. His energy and ability to connect with teenage girls is not only professional, but highly engaging. His passionate approach to teaching has allowed our students to gain knowledge and background information on dances from different cultures. Emilio has provided instruments and costumes which further assisted students understanding of dance through different cultures. The shear breadth of Emilio's knowledge regarding all dances through all cultures has generated student interest and passion." Dave Cowley - Shelford Girls Grammar

"The first 1st lesson we learned African and Spanish dances. I enjoyed both because it was fun In the 2nd lesson we learned a Rio Olympic, a Greece street dance and a Europe dance that has been danced all over the world... I enjoyed them all it was so much fun!" from Tia and Ruchi (Grades 3 & 4 Students, Shelford Grammar School)

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