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We would love to meet you and discuss your wedding dance class & ideas or allow us to help create one for you!.

Come along for a chat or request a phone consultation and find out why we are one of Australia's leading dance choreographers for both beginners and advanced clients.

No previous dance experience or rhythm ability required!

We particularly love those with two left feet or with those who just have 'no idea'!

A wedding dance choreography like no other!Your wedding dance is choreographed especially for you, this ensures your dance is both unique and special. It's our priority to make the process fun and enjoyable for you both; and help the two of you create the perfect dance for your special day.

Beginner Friendly Service

We offer a highly experienced and professional instructor and choreographer. Simple and easy to follow dance lessons.

Customised for you

Customised professional choreography. We cater for any song of your choice, or we can assist in your song choice if needed.

Dance Styles

We offer over 20 dance styles to suit your vision or song. Find out more

Any Song

We have a 100% guarantee to have you dancing to your favourite song(s).

Special Moves

Creative and unique entrance and exit to cater for your venue. Special dance highlights, dips and poses.

On Site Classes

We can also be available to teach your last class choreography at your wedding venue. (pending on venue availability and location)

Get Everyone Involved

Many of our couples have wanted to include their bridal party & guests into their dance routine. We always encourage the couple to have their special moment together first and perhaps include the others towards the end of the routine or have a second dance to include them all!

Discounted Location Shoot at Fairfield Kingdom

Purchase one of our Wedding Dance Packages and recieve upto $200 off your pre wedding or Wedding day Location Shoot at Fairfield Kingdom



First class free

  • - 30min private lesson
  • Enjoy your first 30 minutes on us! Get to know your dance instructor! Emilio is any easy going instructor who will make your experience enjoyable and stress-free. Let him help you finalise your song if you haven't got one already. Let him get you on the dance floor and help you learn a move or two to your chosen song.


  • - 3 x 1 hour private lessons
    - $50 discount for your location shoot at Fairfield Kingdom
  • Add some basic steps to your routine making you look good gracing the dance floor!
    Ideal for those looking for some basic moves who are on a budget


  • - 6 x 1 hour private lessons
    - $100 discount for your location shoot at Fairfield Kingdom
  • Our most popular package, allowing enough time to create a routine to make you feel comfortable and look damn good on your special day
    Perfect for allowing more time to add your own personality to the routine and adding your personalised flair to the dance

(inc. music editing)

  • - 10 x 1 hour private lessons
    - $200 discount for your location shoot at Fairfield Kingdom
  • For those wanting a choreographed routine allowing time to practice, emphasis is based on sharpening your moves while adding your own personal flair to your own unique masterpiece!
    Great for those who wish to experience the luxury of mastering their moves and technique and want to access those little added extras that make all the difference for a memorable experience

Additional Services


Casual Private Lesson

  • 1 hour private lesson
  • For those who want to pay as you go

Music Editing Service

  • Finished song as an MP3 or other preferred format for your MC, DJ or Band
  • Complimentary with the premium package.
    Our Music Production team can mix and edit your choice of music. Whether you would like to cut the song shorter, add a number of songs together or even add sound effects at the right moment!
Inspect Now!

Location Photography Shoot

  • Pre-Wedding shoots or Wedding Day shoots. An indoor unique photography shoot location at Fairfield Kingdom Receive discounted prices when purchasing a Dance Package - see above

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