Couple Classes or book a private group

Make new friends and learn new skills

Couple Classes

Wednesday 7-8pm (booking required)

Re-kindling a relationship or wanting to learn a few moves you can take out on the dance floor?

A great way to develop a bonding relationship while having fun and keeping fit.

Some couples bring their couple friends or their favourite neighbours. It's a great hour of fun learning with laughter and just having a good time while learning useful skills

Private Group Classes

Contact us to book a private group dance session

Such a popular choice for having lots of fun with your friends or family or work colleagues! A great activity as a one off activity or weekly or even monthly.

A popular choice to spend quality time with your family or friends while staying active and fit and learning a skill you can take anywhere!

Many groups and businesses are using this option as a team building event with colleagues developing trust, spontaneity, self confidence, breaking barriers while having so much fun!

Our studios cater for all sizes or in some circumstances we can come to you.

Being a theatre production company, we have access to a number of costumes and outfits that can make the experience such a memorable occasion with lifelong memories!


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