Magical Arts & Crafts Private Group

Arts and Craft Fun for Groups

Children will have fun using arts and crafts, making anything & everything in a Magical & Colourful environment under the guidance of our favourite Fairfield Kingdom Character 'Rainbow'

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Available Dates / Times:

Saturday mornings 9:30-11am
Wednesday & Friday 12-1:30pm


1.5 hour art and craft creations, suitable for ages 4-5

Use of arts and crafts supplies including glue sticks, paper, glitter, stickers, beads, slime, craft materials, crayons, pencils, painting and much more!

Water station

Calming & Magical environment

Coffee Cart facilities available for parents/guardians

Great Idea for Small Birthday Parties!

Package Options

Package 1 - $175 For up to 5 Children

Package 2 - $300 For up to 10 Children


Hi there my name is Sharon and I cant wait to see your creative ideas come to life!

My passion is all about providing a space where creative expressions are given the opportunity to light up our worlds.

Sharon has worked as an Educator in the Childcare Industry and hold a Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care and have current requirements including, Child Protection Certificate and Working with Children Check.

Being in the Childcare Industry really showed me how important Arts and Crafts is to children development in all areas of their lives.

The Early Year Learning Frameworks consists of Five Learning Outcomes which provide children the opportunity to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for their future success in learning.

I have a creative background (Dance,Theatre, Acting, Theatre Set Design, Jewellery Making) and a business background (providing structure, clear instructions and guidance). With my passion and skills I have developed, I've decided to dedicate and share these in my programs levelled at guiding children through the 5 learning outcomes as specified above. My passion is to provide the community with the opportunity for families to have a place they can allow their child to enjoy exploring a variety of different creative ways to express themselves, utilising the Arts and Crafts programs, I have created.

What will we do?

Having selected a variety of Arts and Craft activities for that day, tables will be set up for each child to be able to participate in each activity (up to 3 different activities).

Children will:

- be given the opportunity to complete the tasks at their own pace and be able to move from one table to the other. I like to call it "The Creative Circuit"

- be in a safe and supported environment

- be able to take home their masterpieces to enjoy and remind them of how amazing they are!

Where to start!

Arts & Crafts is not only fun but this colourful creative outlet helps to nurture and develop your child's creativity, social skills, physical skills and overall wellbeing. Lets take a look at some of the areas that your child can benefit from engaging in our Arts & Crafts sessions

Fine Motor skills

When participating in Arts & Craft activities, children most often will use their fingers and hands to grab, place pressure, manipulate, turn (eg whilst colouring, pasting, etc.) helping your child develop their fine motor skills allowing them to gain control over movements through increasing muscle strength gradually. Hand-Eye Coordination:Hand-eye coordination help children with having coordinated control of eye movement with hand movement allowing them to be able to see an object (i.e glue) while guiding their hands to grasp and use the glue on their art work. In other words allowing their eyes to see something and coordinate their hands to grab and use it as required. Sense of AchievementChildren feel a sense of achievement which allows them to develop their self identity and encourages them to be comfortable with who they are, giving them confidence and courage to try new things.

Promotes Self Expression and Creativity

Whilst children are discovering ways to utilise materials and how to create their masterpiece, they are also learning how to express themselves through creations of emotionally charged artwork. For example children can associate green with a happy colour or blue being a sad colour. Art & Craft is another way children are able to release emotions giving them a safe and creative outlet to express their feelings.

Social and Communication skills:

Children are encouraged to interact with each other. During our Arts & Crafts sessions, children are encouraged to explore their unique creative ways, to share their ideas, have conversations. For example, if there are five children and only three glue sticks available at the time, children learn to respectfully interact with each other and communicate what they are wanting or needing. A qualified facilitator will always be at hand to assist if needed. Children are also learning about fairness and patience while working together to achieve a desired outcome.

Problem Solving Skills:

Problem solving can be a part a child's journey in creating artistic expressive artwork. For example when they have to decide what colour to choose, or what materials they should use, how to use a material, where to place it, etc. Problem solving solutions are encouraged with facilitation if required during these Arts & Crafts sessions.

Art & Craft can provide children opportunities to develop in the all areas of the five Outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework which include

1.) Children have a strong sense of identity

2.) Children are connected with and contribute to their world

3.) Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

4.) Children are confident and involved learners

5.) Children are effective communicators

Our Terms & Service

- We will clean-up and sanitise after each activity.

- All craft materials will be supplied

- In most activities participants will be allowed to take home their amazing creations! Except with science experiment activities and some building artwork sessions - these will be an experience only activity, hence there will be no items to take home once the session is completed

- In cases where 'creations' are not ready for transport (eg. needs curing, drying etc), participants will have the opportunity to leave it at the studio and collect it at a later date.

- Aprons will be provided where required.

- Some activities we do will involve the use of glue, glitter, paint, clay and other possible messy materials so please dress your child in clothing that is appropriate.

- We ensure that each child has the opportunity to complete and engage in each activity. Prices are based on enough materials per activity per child .

- Our dedicated and qualified staff will guide and assist in activities where requested but please note that one-on-one attention may not be possible at all times.

- Accompanying your child during activities can be accommodated for, upon request - but please note that due to the studio space and allocation of numbers, prior arrangements with the organiser will need to be made to accomodate this request.

- Parental supervision may be required if you know your child requires extra support. Accompanying adults enter free unless undertaking their own activities.

- A variety of activities will be made available at each session of the Creative Circuit program and may be changed at the organiser discretion at any time.

- For a number of occasions, more expensive materials or additional support may be required which will incur a higher cost per child. This may occur for the following occasions; Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, Christmas etc.. Should this be the case, this will be advertised on our website providing the dates, age group suitability and prices.

- Please be mindful of selecting sessions in accordance to recommended age groups as advertised on the website.

- Some activities will require bookings in advance due to specialised ordering requirements eg sizing of t-shirts, orderingplants etc.

- Food will not be allowed on the premises without prior consultation with the organisers for health and safety reasons.

- Water bottles will be allowed in the studio but must be clearly labeled with the childs first and last name.

- Private sessions and parties can be organised for groups of children, please contact us to arrange a time to discuss options.

Condition of Entry
- Ela Rose Studios is a strictly a NO SMOKING zone throughout the premises there will be no exceptions allowed.

- No gum is allowed on the premises.

- Ela Rose Studios will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

- Material, toys, equipment must not be removed from the studio without approval.

- Please report any inappropriate behaviour to an Ela Rose Studios member.

- The staff or management of Ela Rose Studios will not be held liable for any injuries, damages or losses caused to you or your child whilst you and or your child is taking part in the activities.

- Accompanying adults have understood and have read and agreed to all our Terms & Conditions on behalf of their children, as a condition of entry and participation of activities. These Terms & Conditions are displayed at the entrance, reception area, and within the premises.

- We strive to maintain all areas of the premises in a clean, neat and tidy manner for the benefit of all our customers and staff. We understand that kids will be kids but we would appreciate it if attending adults would help us to maintain the premises in this condition with respect to children in their care especially if any food is consumed within the premises.


- The list of activities and photographs provided on our website and other advertising material are for illustration purposes only. We cannot guarantee that you're creations will turn out exactly as shown on the photographs as the final outcome will depend on the participants ability level and the materials available.

- Ela Rose Studios reserves the right to change the list of activities provided without prior notice. Activities booked in advance for parties or events will not be affected.

- Colours, size, texture, shape, etc. of the final outcome may vary depending on the materials used, participants ability level, 'curing' time, and a host of other factors.

- The final outcome of a participants artwork would depend on the participants ability level and how well instructions are followed.

Cancellation & Refunds Policy

We understand that there could be circumstances that lead to bookings having to be postponed or cancelled due to illness, or other reasons. Therefore, we try our best to be flexible in accommodating changes to arrive at a solution that works for everyone involved. We would need to look at the costs incurred from ordering materials and preparing for selected activities.

Cancellations at the last minute prevent us from being able to book others in to replace the spot put aside for your booking.

- Bookings can be postponed at no extra cost given that there is an available spot for the chosen date of your new booking.

- A full refund of the booking will be issued given the booking has been cancelled 3 days prior to the booked date.

- A full refund may be issued on request if we have not incurred any costs on purchasing specific materials or incurred any staff time in preparing material for the planned activity on the date booked. A partial refund may apply after deducting any costs that have been incurred specific to the booking.

- Any parties affected by COVID-19 restrictions will be treated as an exception. We will consider these on a case by case basis.