From the age of three, percussion was to influence Emilio’s life to where he is today.

Knowing the energy within could not be contained behind percussion solely, it would later be found that dance would.

Throughout his younger years, dance would influence his life in pockets from Hip Hop Funk to Jazz.

Life would place many restrictions on his passion within, hence, as one put it, “a closet dancer” would best describe his locked passion for many years.

It was not until his travels abroad, that his passion ignited and took form. Traveling through Spain, France, Italy and the Greek Islands, Emilio heard of Ricky Martin, and his hit single of “Maria”.

It was from this day, that unlocked the intensity of Street Latin rhythms which would fuel the fire within, and propel Emilio to where he stands today.


During further travels throughout South America, backpacking through the poverty stricken streets and spending time with the street kids, that he came across a moment that would affect his dancing life forever. Traveling around the streets of poverty in the outer eastern coast of Brazil, a crowd had gathered, where a 7 year old girl demonstrated the essence of soul and passion of street dance rhythm, that brought reality and the emotional core of dance interpretation.

Emilio’s travels around the world brought home a wealth of knowledge and learning’s that cannot be taught, together with his passion, has led him to experience various opportunities from drama, musical theatre, dance instructor and produce elaborate show spectaculars.

His journey has also led him to meet many wonderful people along the way, which he will cherish and honour as long as time permits.

“It is that, which I experienced, that I hope to share with everyone I meet, as there is hope and wonderful pockets of magic in this world and while there is life, there will always be opportunities”