Private Tuition


Head Instructor / Facilitator:

Emilio Ela Rose

– Latin American Salsa Dance Champion,

– Stage and Theatre performer & Choreographer

– Trained Actor & Musician

  • – Trained Consultant, Presenter & Facilitator



Dance Instructor: Emilio – Latin American Dance Champion

For Solo, Couples or Groups!

Wether it be:
a dance routine, choreography, personal achievement, technique, confidence, dramatic expression, stage confidence, team building or just for FUN! etc

We can assist you in whatever it is you request with your Dancing

Dance Styles: Salsa, Merengue, Waltz, Bachata, Zouk, Lambada, Tango, Cha Cha Cha, Rhumba and many more….

With a background in Drama (studied at Victorian College of the Arts – Drama School), and with over 15 years experience performing on stage, theatre, floorshows and directing/choreographing a number of productions, adding flare and confidence to a dance piece can add that point of difference! Ask about this as an addition to your private class tuition


Wedding Choreography

Self Confidence & Self Expression Through Movement

Bridal Party Choreography

Solo Tuition

Private Group Tuition

Special Occasion

Corporate Function

Work Functions

Themed Dance Party

Any Party!

and Many More!

Fairfield Studio

Types of Private Classes:

Group Private Classes

Such a popular choice for having lots of fun with your friends or family or work colleagues! A great activity as a one off activity or weekly or even monthly. A popular choice to spend quality time with your family or friends while staying active and fit. Many businesses are using this option as a team building event with colleagues developing trust, spontaneity, self confidence, breaking barriers while having so much fun!

Our studios cater for all sizes or in some circumstances we can come to you. Being a theatre production company, we have access to a number of costumes and outfits that can make the experience such a memorable occasion with lifelong memories!

Private Couple Classes

Re-kindling a relationship or wanting to learn a few moves you can take out on the dance floor? A great way to develop a bonding relationship while having fun and keeping fit. Some couples bring their couple friends or their favourite neighbours. It’s a great hour of fun learning with laughter and just having a good time while learning useful skills

Private Tuition

Wether it be building self confidence, brushing up on a skill or for your own personal growth, the benefits are endless. If you are not sure what you are looking for, please contact me so that I can assist you.

Dance & Therapy

Over the recent years Emilio has explored the world of psychotherapy and utilising some its principals in his dance classes in particular for those who are looking at Dance as a healing tool to self express feeling which for some can be an easier form of release then solely expressing it verbally. After trialling the program for over 3 years now, the success of this program is gaining much momentum and Emilio has much interest working with therapists and councillors in further integrating this specialised program. The principles are based by awakening the dissociated, traumatised parts of the body and non-verbal body memories through sensing and feeling the body and verbally articulating this in the individuals own time.

Timetable:  By Appointment Only


*20% Discount for  your first class!
*20% Discount for your first class!
Classes – $75/hr
10 class card – $700
*Applies to your first class only  Classes – $85/hr
10 class card – $750
*Applies to your first class only