Choreographer & Dancer

” I Take great pleasure in recommending Mr Emilio Ela Rose, an accomplished Latin American Dancer & Choreographer.

Emilio is exceptional in his passion for dance and this is evident to all who have the privilege to work alongside him. He is knowledgable and passionate in his profession.

His Choreography is innovative with excellent use of the music, patterns and space. He makes it easy for dancers to incorporate the emotional and artistic aspects of dance into their movements. Dsancers respond to Emilio in a positive manner and enthusiastically welcome his expertise, input, and directives. He works for perfection and demands excellence in himself and encourages these traits in his dancers.

Emilio is a pleasure to work with; his dedication, professionalism, great passion, enthusiasm and good nature will make for an enjoyable experience for anyone who employs his services as a choreographer….” – Nella Fitzgerald, executive producer-